Why I Started A Blog

22 years of life relatively isn’t a long time, and I acknowledge that.


I do believe that the experiences I have gained thus far pretty notable substantial experiences!

I’ve had some great ones, and some pretty crappy ones, (I’ve also had pretty great ones turn to pretty crappy ones and vice versa) Nonetheless, I have taken away something from everything I have experienced, and I think my take on situations are usually rooted in emotions, (didn’t say this was good or bad)  but I always replay each situation in my head, and take note of what went great, what went sour, and why.

I want to influence and inspire women. I want women to want more for themselves, and to realized it’s completely feasible!

I want all women to be better and shine brighter.
To travel and see more than the environment and the people around you.

Overall, I am writing this blog because I want to help all women to go above and beyond and to reach their goals and have successes that no one even thought was possible.

I am sooo excited for what I know this blog can become and I thank all of my readers and my fellow bloggers for the immense support.

Overall, I will leave my sister something that will impact her and everyone she interacts with.


If you have any topics you want me to discuss, please let me know in the comments below.

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