Intorno all’idol mio (A Tribute To My Father)

Singing at my father’s funeral was a surreal experience.

My father loved when I sang for him. Every time I would come to visit ESPECIALLY when he had guests, he would say “Madelyn, sing a song for (the guests that were there at the time), let them hear you.”

Initially, I was hesitant to share this video because I know it’s not my best performance.

My perspective has changed. Honestly, I believe this is my best performance because it was the most meaningful performance I have ever given in my life.


I was no longer singing an aria on a stage, I was mourning for my father.


I’m at a point now where I am more than happy to share this video because I realize that this performance was bigger than me. My singing moved people, just like it always moved him. He wanted me to sing because he knew the power that my voice carried.


My mom and dad, and my loved ones saw the potential in me that I never saw in myself.

Until now.

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Around My Idol                                            

Around my idol
Breathe, merely breathe,
Winds sweet and gracious
And on the favored cheeks
Kiss him for me, courtly breezes!

In my love who rests
On the wings of peace
Pleasant dreams provoke.
And my hidden ardor
Reveal to him for me
O spirits of love.

Intorno all’idol mio

Intorno all’idol mio spirate pur, spirate,
Aure, Aure soavi e grate,
E nelle guancie elette
Baciatelo per me,
Cortesi, cortesi aurette!

Al mio ben, che riposa
Su l’ali della quiete,
Grati, grati sogni assistete
E il mio racchiuso ardore
Svelate gli per me,
O larve, o larve d’amore

I hope to inspire someone else who has lost a loved one and isn’t sure where to start.

Ash to Ash.

Earth to Earth.

Dust to Dust.


I love you so much, Dad. Rest in Heaven.

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4 Replies to “Intorno all’idol mio (A Tribute To My Father)”

  1. Madelyn,
    From a distance…and mostly through your mother’s eyes…I have watched you blossom into a beautiful young lady. Your soul is so pure & true! You radiate beauty & goodness. I am honored to know you…and am so very proud of you.

    Your friend,

  2. Honestly I had tears running down my eyes my first time reading this wonderful piece on your fathers death that came from your heart of hearts and cried every time I’ve re-read it. It breaks my heart to know that you can relate all too well with the things I’ve struggled with on a fathers death, but I know you will forever be stronger for it. I love you hun and always will.

    1. I love you so and I can relate to what you felt all too well. Losing my father has been the most heart-wrenching experience I have ever had in my LIFE. I know you understand, and I thank you so much for all your support

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