How I Landed My First Job After College Graduation & What I Learned

Disclaimer: This is a very untraditional story about landing an internship. 





I was apart of an awesome leadership program for Communication and Business majors/minors called CABLE (Communication and Business Leadership Experience). Essentially, this program is an opportunity for students to network, learn how to translate their work experience, and overall grow professionally. This leadership program was so beneficial for me and opened countless doors full of connections and mentors. To find out more about the program, click here.

Every year to wrap up this leadership program there is a case study with 2 reputable companies; this year was Chicago GOOGLE and Chicago JP MORGAN. Our class split into two groups, and our assignment for the bulk of the fall semester was to work on these case studies & prepare a presentation for our assigned company because, in the beginning of November we would go to these clients in Chicago to present our work. I was on the GOOGLE team.

November came and we were off to Chicago for 3 days! To make the most of our trip  Continue reading “How I Landed My First Job After College Graduation & What I Learned”

Why I Started A Blog

22 years of life relatively isn’t a long time, and I acknowledge that.


I do believe that the experiences I have gained thus far pretty notable substantial experiences!

I’ve had some great ones, and some pretty crappy ones, (I’ve also had pretty great ones turn to pretty crappy ones and vice versa) Nonetheless, I have taken away something from everything I have experienced, and I think my take on situations are usually rooted in emotions, (didn’t say this was good or bad)  but I always replay each situation in my head, and take note of what went great, what went sour, and why.

I want to influence and inspire women. I want women to want more for themselves, and to realized it’s completely feasible!

I want all women to be better and shine brighter.
To travel and see more than the environment and the people around you.

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The Creation of my Self-Awareness Journey Part 1

It was the end of my last semester of my senior year in college. I had already secured a job at an Ad Agency in Chicago after I graduated. I worked pretty consistently my first three years in school, so the only classes that were left to take were my senior classes. I picked up another job, worked out frequently, and spent more time with friends than usual. I was so used to being busy all of the time, I had no idea what to do with all of this free time. (No time is free, that will be another blog post 😬)

What I chose to do with that time was nurture parts of myself that haven’t been nurtured in a while.


This was undoubtedly the most crucial step to the beginning of my journey because it gave me Continue reading “The Creation of my Self-Awareness Journey Part 1”

8 Ways On How To Be A Traveler And Not A Tourist


Meet people! And I don’t mean just the people in the hotel room next to you or the boy you met while you were in the swimming pool for 6 hours, but people that live in the state or the country you’re in. If you want an insight into what is truly going on in that part of the world, mingle with the natives and get to know their story. People are soooo  interesting and have so much to share if you open and minded and if you let them.


If you can, try to stay away from a hotel. Hotels truly limit your experience, and your perception because all you can see or experience is what the hotel offers you. If you are looking for a safe place to stay, look into Air BnB’s, Couchsurfing, or Continue reading “8 Ways On How To Be A Traveler And Not A Tourist”

How To Pick Yourself Up From A Rough Day

Take a break
This can be a walk around the office or class, an exercise break to de-stress, or just sitting in solitude and getting away from your stressors for a while. If you are just overwhelmed with life, these activities will help take your mind off your problems, and give you a space where you can remember what it felt like to be at peace.

Drink Tea

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My Top 5 International Cities So Far, What They Have Taught Me

Florence, Italy
Such a beautiful place to be! The buildings on the street look hand painted, the people were friendly, gelato ice cream stands were on every street corner, and the weather was just amazing!

This city taught me how to appreciate being different, and sticking out. As a black woman, I do this already in America, but my experience was definitely intensified while I was abroad. People were staring at me, but I felt as though their stares were admiring me as a person and that they were truly curious about my blackness. I became comfortable, in the fact that Continue reading “My Top 5 International Cities So Far, What They Have Taught Me”